Netizen Journalist House


Internet infrastructure for Netizen Journalist, multi-cultural communication, multi-media, enabling communication, without interference. Audio podcasts and podcasts that are open to a comprehensive public discourse based on listening, viewing and inclusion. Broadcasters, listeners and viewers, and even respond, and all with ease and mutual tolerance.


The legal, moral and ethical right to the content produced is of the citizen’s creator / journalist, and it grants PeopleBroadcasting permission to transfer such content to third parties, including established audio / video and television networks, to purchase content from the articles of the authors / journalists.


Find quality, supervised content


The content uploaded on the site is of high quality and preserves human dignity and liberty and the rules of law, morals and ethics. A website in which the journalist from all over the world raises the stories from their point of view and language. All of this without relying on hatred of others, the journalist undertakes not to publish and / or distribute and / or make use of the site in any way to transfer:


Content that is defamatory, blatant, threatening, harassing, harmful, harms the feelings of the public.


B. Content that contains slander, infringement of privacy, encouragement to commit an offense.


C. Content that involves violence, nudity or partial nudity, pornography or sexual innuendo.


Content that is discriminatory, racist.


The contents of which intellectual property rights do not belong to you or that violate the rights of others of any kind or type.


And contents that contain computer viruses and / or software components that are similar to them, of any kind.


Without prejudice to the generality of the aforesaid – any illegal content and / or publication prohibited.


Content that is contrary to the ethical code on the site.


The Company and / or anyone acting on its behalf may reject uploading content or comments on content uploaded to the Site for any reason at their discretion, and they may remove content for any reason at their absolute discretion.


We build together with you a bank of audio / video articles that will be offered for sale to third parties for transmission and distribution and for any other worthy purpose


The network’s journalists allow PeopleBroadcasting to transfer the content they produce to third parties, including Internet and television broadcasting networks, which will be able to purchase content from the bank. Transferring the content to the broadcasting organizations will be done directly from the site without the involvement of people.


Reward for a network journalist


For content uploaded by the content creator / web journalist to the site exclusively, he will receive up to 25% of the revenue received for the site services that will be paid after the content is transferred to a third party.


For content uploaded by the creator of the content in a non-exclusive way, it will receive up to 10% of the revenue received for the site’s services to be paid to the site after the content is transferred to a third party.


The calculation will be performed automatically by the site’s systems, and will constitute definitive final evidence.


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