Our unique team of founders offers wide range of knowledge and experience:.

  Oded Birger – PeopleBroadcasting CEO. Previously Deputy Manager- Israel Broadcasting authority (TV+Radio channels) and VP at Pelephone communication. 38 years managing experience.

  Michael Mero – PeopleBroadcasting Editor in Chief. PhD. Civil Journalist for 38 years. Previously CEO of “Kol Israel” (the public radio of Israel).

  Yaron Amir – PeopleBroadcasting CTO, 20 years of experience in development and IT team management.

Pe0pleBroadcasting, Media platform for internet journalists: “Netizen Journalist House”
We’ve built an internet infrastructure for internet journalists (Netizen journalist), that enables the transmission of multi-cultural and multi-faceted communications. It is a platform by means of which one can transmit audio or video podcasts  which are open to broad public debate, based upon listening, viewing and restraint, and carried out pleasantly and in an atmosphere of mutual tolerance (quality content of news media under strict ethic code)

The legal, moral and ethical rights to the content that is produced belong to the creator/ journalist and he grants the Company PeopleBroadcasting the right to transfer the content to third parties, including established audio/video internet transmission networks and television networks that purchase the content (the media articles of the creators/ journalists).

Selling arena market of quality news media (audio and video only) for broadcast networks, media researchers and individuals who wants to purchase the content from the creator/journalist through our selling arena

Remuneration to journalists (Netizen journalist) for the content they have created
For content uploaded by the content creator/web journalist to the site that was sell to third party; the network journalist shall receive up to 40% including vat of the revenue received for the site’s services.